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Heya! I’m Suri 👋. A wife and mom of two, committed to helping women live a life fulfilled, through the art of doing things on purpose.

Ever wish your life just worked? That you could flourish and flow through your shifting role as a parent, spouse, friend, cook, housekeeper, tutor, planner, babysitter, nurse, judge, counsellor and household CFO?

I’ve spent over a decade learning and relearning to do all these things on purpose. It’s an ongoing journey, that’s been so worth it.

What would it feel like to…

  • have your child give you a beaming smile, and say you’re the best mommy ever (hint: they already think that the moment they’re born and saw you).
  • hear your spouse thank you for making home life feel so ‘effortless’ (OMG right?).
  • be the comforting space that your family can always feel safe with.
  • find time for rest, yoga, reading, gardening and whatever else you heart desires.
  • tap into your inner buddha that knows just the right thing to say or do.
  • be the confident leader that teaches by showing, instead of telling.
  • feel confident and secure about managing and investing your family money (financial literacy y’all!).
  • show up with compassion for yourself and others, each and every day.

We all start somewhere. Whether you’re at the beginning, in the middle, or perhaps feeling like you’re nearing the end of your “dream family” journey… if you need help figuring this ‘life stuff’ out, please reach out. 

Maybe the answer’s in supporting each other. We‘ve got this.

It Wasn't Always Like This...

Born and raised in Malaysia, a shopping mall gypsy once read my palm and foretold, that I’d fall in love and end up in a land far far away.

She was right. 

While working for a corporate design firm in Hong Kong over 15 years ago, I met my future husband, we fell in love and ended up moving to his home country, Switzerland.

Being a mom came with many surprises (not all of them the good kind – physical changes and mental drain anyone?).

I remember feeling so alone, the first weeks after I gave birth to my first child. I’d had a beautiful pregnancy, a loving husband, and yet there was this nagging feeling of isolation, as I transitioned from my old self into my new role.

At the most basic level, I knew that my baby really only needed me during her first few months of life. But the independent college-educated millennial in me, rebelled at the thought that I alone, should take ownership of this new parenting job. After all, I didn’t make the baby alone, so why should I be the one to take on the lions share of extra work?

One evening, I had a shift in perspective.

I was completely exhausted as usual – my honey too. But he could be away on his boys-night-out. I remember feeling this inexplicable sense of abandonment and self-pity. I thought, “If he really loved me, he would’ve cancelled game-night and stayed home with me.” 

I hated feeling like the nagging wife, who insisted that her husband… fix up the baby bed, change the diapers, clean the house, cook the food. When I could imagine that the last thing on his mind  when he got home from work, was to do even more work at home (part-time working moms, I feel you!). It didn’t feel fair to him, and it didn’t feel fair to me either.

Then I recalled my midwife’s advice, the day after we took our baby home, “If something keeps bothering you, just get up and fix it.” 

And so, I did. That night, I fixed up the baby bed on purpose. And later, I learned to fix other bothersome’ things that showed up in my life on purpose. Looking back, they were of course not so bothersome after all…

With all my love,